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Looking after your Garments

Washing & Aftercare

Regular treatment of Nikwax Analogy waterproofs with Nikwax water-based products will maintain their high performance indefinitely. This can be done in your domestic washing machine with no harm to your appliance or the environment.

Garments should be kept clean by washing in Nikwax Tech Wash to remove dirt, oils and salts and revitalize the water resistance. First make sure that your machine is free of detergent powder residue as this will impair water repellency, and wash on a 40° synthetic cycle. Cool tumble drying is beneficial.

When water begins to smear into the outer shell fabric during use, instead of beading into droplets, the garment should be washed in Nikwax TX Direct, again at 40°, following the cleaning cycle. This will completely restore water repellency to ‘as new’ levels. Ground-in dirt or stains can be removed with household detergent, and oil by dry cleaning, but this must be followed by cycles in Tech Wash and TX Direct Wash-In to restore water repellency.


Garments can be returned to us for quick repairs at a reasonable cost. Manufacturing defects will be rectified free of charge. Please make sure your garment is clean before returning. We also have a clean and reproof service at £20 plus postage.

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