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Manufacturer Description Use Material Weight Features
F.O.V. (Sweden) Renaissance Shell Fabric Polyester 126g/m2 High tensile strength, breathable, wind-resistant
F.O.V. (Sweden) High-Tech Micro Shell Fabric Polyester 120g/m2 Less strong but more water and windproof
F.O.V. (Sweden) Beachcomber Shell Fabric Polyester 93g/m2 As above
F.O.V. (Sweden) Dry Comfort Canvas Reinforcing Panels Polyamide 190g/m2 Very strong, but less performance than above
Paramo Windproof Shell fabric Polyamide 110g/m² Alternative shell fabric to FOV microfibers.
Paramo Parameta Pump Liner Polyester 120g/m2 Pushes liquid away from skin or inner layers
Cloverbrook Single sided velour Lightweight Fleece Polyester 150g/m2 High warmth per weight
F.O.V. (Sweden) Factum Outdoor Travel Trousers Polyamide 180g/m2 Quick Drying, UV40+ protection
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