Sorry our shop phone is currently out of order.
Please contact us by email or try 01470 572307 and leave a message. Alternatively please try our mobiles: 07748838713 or 07796901320.

Guide to Ordering

How  to take measurementsPlease complete the order form as fully as possible, ensuring that you give a contact phone number or e-mail address.

Call us if you are not sure about the measurements required.

Measurements should be taken (by someone else) over light clothing. This only takes a few minutes but please check them carefully. Use a dress-makers tape measure - not a metal one! We allow for extra layers.

Extra information such as the cause of any fitting problems with standard sizes is very useful.

If we are at all concerned about the measurements, we will contact you to check - we prefer to get a Perfect Fit™ first time!

Delivery Time

Waterproofs will be delivered in 3-4 weeks, other garments in 2-3 weeks, usually less. If you need something urgently, please call; we can usually deliver within a few days unless it is a very busy period.

Confirmation and Payment

After we receive your order we will contact you either by telephone or e-mail so that we can confirm your order and discuss payment and delivery details.

Measuring Guide

A Height Measured without shoes
B Arm length Extend arm horizontally. Measure from the angle where your shoulder “meets” your neck to 3rd knuckle of middle finger for waterproofs and windshirt, (2nd knuckle for fleeces).
C Inside leg Remove shoes, stand upright, leg straight, measure from crutch to floor.
D Body rise At the centre back, measure vertically from the waist (normal position of your waistband), to a horizontal line from the crutch. A waist to floor measurement should equal C+D.
E Back length of jacket From the nape of your neck to the required finished length of the jacket.
F Nape to waist From the nape to the waist point in D. The nape to floor measurement should equal C+D+F.
G Chest/ Bust Measure around torso under the arms
H Waist Measure around the waist at the height in D
I Seat/ Hips Measure around the hips at the widest point.
J Collar Measure around your neck.
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