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Nikwax 'Analogy' Waterproof System

Nikwax Analogy

Cioch Outdoor Clothing are proud to use ‘Nikwax Analogy’ waterproof system developed by Paramo. Rather than create a waterproof barrier which limits breathability, this system is about water management, providing the most comfortable waterproof clothing around.

Although water can be pushed under pressure through the outer layer (say, by kneeling in a puddle), the unique ‘Parameta’ lining fabric acts as a pump which quickly expels moisture.

Also, the system is thought to be more breathable than any conventional waterproof fabric, preventing a build up of condensation in all weather conditions. Thus, the insulating quality of your thermal layers is preserved, keeping you warm and dry.

Furthermore, regular washing in Nikwax ‘Tech-Wash’ and ‘TX Direct’ will maintain the high performance of your garment indefinitely, unlike fabrics with membranes or hydrophilic coatings and taped seams which can eventually break down.

The all-round comfort of these garments is enhanced by the ‘feel’ of the fabrics used. They are all light and soft but very strong, flexible but rustle-free.

Combine the qualities of Nikwax Analogy with our Perfect Fit™ service for the most weatherproof, breathable, comfortable and durable waterproof clothing you have ever worn.

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